Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dreaming of a white christmas

Well, Thanksgiving is over.
We had a great one.
It's amazing how fast the day goes, after all the time spent preparing for it.
 But the memories are what last all year long, and make the next one so exciting to think about.

So now, it's on to Christmas.
Friday we slept super Black Friday shopping for me and I'm fine with that. =0)  
Maybe one year I might try it, but since we wake up early on Thanksgiving to get everything cooking, I'm perfectly happy to take it easy on Friday and drink my coffee curled up in bed.

Until it's time to go pick out our Christmas tree, at least.

Last year it snowed on Christmas. Truly a Christmas miracle around here.

I always associate Christmas with snow like in the picture below. 
(That totally rhymed but I don't want to try to figure out how to reword that!) 

I don't know why since we live in Texas!
But it's fun to image I guess.
Wonder if it will happen again this year?

We will definitely be hoping!!

(Oh, all the snowy pictures are from right here except for that last one...pretty sure that's Boston.)

Monday, November 15, 2010

More trouble than it's worth?

I love Home Depot, really. It's two seconds from my house and they always have what I need. But I needed to match a paint so I can finish painting our office/craft room, and after two different trips to the paint department, my match is still a serious non-match. =0( Depressing actually, because I wanted to be finished with this room by Thanksgiving. So, I guess tomorrow or the next day I might try Sherwin Williams instead. Never been there, heard great things of course, so I will letcha know if they can get it right for me! Wish me luck!
On a more positive side note, how is everyone's Thanksgiving preparations coming along? What are some fun traditons that you and your family share?