Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty shelves

Last week I posted about the two shelves I re-did in each of my bathrooms. My favorite is #1. I just love the crisp black frame against the white distressed shelf and the gray paint color behind it.


Today I was looking at some pics in my inspiration file. Thought I’d share some of my faves. Notice shelves are the recurring theme here. =0)

Love this pic…especially the light fixtures.


Coastal Living

Love this black light fixture above the sink…must think about doing something above mine now. Also love the two-toned cabinets and that one lone shelf to hold the basics.


Cottage Living

I think what I like most about this image is the white against that paint color. Plus the shelves are pretty

Cottage Living

I’m sure you’ve already seen Lauren’s from Pure Style Home. Love everything about this pic. Cottage+industrial+modern+lazy dog=PERFECTION! =0)


Pure Style Home

I really need to plant me some Peonies. Wonder if those babies grow in Texas? They are so fat and round!

Love it!

p4470 copy-acountryfarmhouse

A Country Farmhouse

There’s so many more I could keep going forever, but I need to get up and do something of my own!!

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello lovie-bears!! I’ve missed you! Things have been a little crazy over here this past month, but I’ve done a few minor decorating changes I want to show you. Both involve shelves (note the genius play-on-words in the title eh? lol) that are almost identical. Tell me which one you like better!
Shelf #1
Remember this shelf from way back when?
Well I recently painted the master bathroom a grayish blue color, and decided the shelf d├ęcor needed an update since the blue’s on the shelf kind of clashed with the new paint.
I love this paint color. I spend extra long in the lieu just so I can admire it. =0)
I especially love it against the crisp white and black. The frame I got at the Dollar Tree, sprayed it black, and printed out the rhyme at the library since we ran out of ink at home oh…about two months ago. =0) The miniature urn was .99 cents at Goodwill, and the mercury glass bird holds a tea light and is actually supposed to be a Christmas decoration but who cares! =0)
I can’t remember where I got the q-tips or cotton balls, but any local grocery store or nationwide supercenter should have them. lol! (Sorry, totally cracked myself up there!!!!)
Shelf #2
The second shelf is also from Goodwill, and it just got painted this week. Same treatment as the first…light sanding, sprayed with Rustoleum’s semi-gloss white, then lightly distressed. I hung it in the guest bathroom, which is still in the process of being painted. Hmmm, I’ve been busier than I thought! =0)
(Sorry for the bad picture here. I had a really, really, really hard time trying to get a good shot because there is only one light source and it’s directly above but slightly to the left of the shelf, so it casts weird shadows on it. Plus, there’s no window in here so that means absolutely zero natural light. Boo.)
I love the paint in here too. It’s kind of a sky blue color with a hint of gray in it. The frame I made, (click here to visit my Etsy shop!) the glass with Cooper in it was an old pasta jar, and the cotton ball thing was from Ikea and I just stamped it.
Try not to stare at my hot babe legs in the pic below. hahaha. ;0D
So what do you think? Do you like shelf 1 or 2 better?
I’ll tell you my fave later this week!!
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Thanks for reading!!!!