Sunday, May 22, 2011

I know I’ve been away…

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any painting or decorating. Just taking a little break I guess. Haven’t been inspired to write maybe. But I’m still here and I know you miss me. :) I’ve been on Pinterest a LOT lately. Probably my new fave hobby. Have you been on it yet?

You type in what you want to see, and voila, hundreds of pictures. For the image above I typed ‘white walls’ into search, and found that pic which I love. And it’s so easy to blog pics too. No more going into computer files and copying, pasting, and uploading. With pinterest you can right click the image, highlight copy image and come right back to your post and copy it. Amazing.

Since I’ve been lazy and haven’t taken any pics of what I’ve been up too lately, I’m using this image to show you what color I painted my pantry.

The prettiest blue you ever did see. =0) I’ve been wanting to do it forever and finally one afternoon I mixed up some paint and did.
The reason I was searching white walls in Pinterest is because I’m considering painting my master bedroom white.
We have black furniture that’s a little more modern than I’d like. I think painting the walls white will make it more casual and cottagey. Plus I can bring it whatever colors I want as accents. I’ve been wanting to paint a room white for a while so this might just be the ticket. =0)

I’m also considering sanding the furniture down quite a bit. That way the black finish isn’t so clean and crisp. We’ll see. And I’ve already told the hubs about it and he said it sounds like a great idea. And even though he grimaced while trying to sound supportive, I’m going take that as a go-ahead. =0) Wouldn’t you??
Have a great week!!