Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sheet music lampshade

Hey everyone.

If you're looking for my sheet music lampshade you have come to the right place. =0)
It's just, I have to start by saying
Who would have ever, ever thought at the beginning of the season,
that the Rangers would be going to the World Series?
I used to watch baseball a lot as a kid,
back when Nolan Ryan was in the business of pitching instead of actually owning.
Eddie had to work during game 6,
but me, Haley and the pups
got into the spirit over here in our Rangers gear as best we could.

You might think Cooper is doing a dramatic yawn, but you're wrong.
He is actually cheering on Josh Hamilton.
Kallie is just happy to actually be in a picture. =0)
It was awesome to see the entire stadium packed with fans.
My brother and sister-in-law were actually there!
Lucky ducks!!!!
Here's Justin taking in a little piece of history.
I'm sure it was absolutely amazing!
Spirits are definitely high here in Texas.
Well, in equally exciting news around here, I finally finished this lamp. =0)
I wish I had a before, before picture. This is a halfway picture.

I got this lamp from the Salvation Army for four bucks.
The base was a dingy white color.
I spray painted it with black semi-gloss, and called it good for a few months while
I figured out how I wanted to cover the lampshade,
and thought about what look I was going for.
Then, randomly, as most of my projects go, I saw some sheet music

from when I was a perfect young child,
and knew exactly what I could use it for.

It wasn't one of my favorite pieces, and I have lots of other music that I've kept,
so I didn't feel bad about cutting it up and gluing it to my lampshade.

I cut the sheet music a little larger than the lampshade,
then used Sobo to glue it on.
After the glue was completely dry,
I laid the lampshade down on a cutting board,
and used an X-acto knife to cut off the excess paper for a nice clean line at the top and bottom.

I also used glossy Mod Podge to give it a nice, finished look.
What do you think?

Notice the lamp isn't the only thing that's different.
Know what else is currently undergoing a makeover
in this Office/Craft room?
I am finally painting this room too!
Amazing all the things that can be accomplished when you simply
finish all the half-finished projects!
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A look back

Last November I received my favorite issue ever of Country Living. I drooled over it all month long and many a blessed time since.
Thinking that maybe they saved their most beautifulest ever house tour of the year for this particular month, I couldn't wait to open up this November's issue.
And guess what.
It was excruciatingly and devastatingly disappointing.
Thumbs way, way, way down. Just not my style is all I guess. 
I'm over it now, (not really), but thought I'd share last years pictures with you so I can relive the moment. =0)

This is Caroline Scheeler. She is a good friend of mine who lives in Illinois.
Ok fine. Actually I don't know her at all. But look how happy she is looking out her dutch door. I'm sure we'd be great friends.
She probably isn't watching her two dogs take steaming monster dumps in the backyard first thing in the morning like I would be doing if I were to stare out my dutch door that I don't actually have in the first place. 
No, she is probably watching two beautiful prize stallions gallop around the track and practice for the Kentucky Derby. 

This is the photo that I always have in the back of my mind when I think of the perfect informal dining area.

Oh my gosh.

I love, love, love the dark brown charcoal color on the walls.
So rich and inviting.
I could go on forever about everything I
love in this dang room because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!!!

Again, I love the dark brown wall here, paired with the beadboard.
So amazing.

And look. BLACK WALLS.
Isn't it gorgeous????
Oh if I had the nerve.
Another french sofa that Eddie would probably  have to get over because our marriage depends on it kill me on the spot if I ever came home with.

But let me tell you, I could totally curl up on that couch, with my leopard print faux fur throw, and be content for a long, long, looong time.

And I love the archway here and how they added all the molding. It helps define the spaces
and set them apart from each other I think.
Brown walls again, in tight spaces too, but it looks so clean and crisp against the white.
See. Prize stallion. What did I tell you?
I actually am in the middle of painting our office a charcoal brown color.
I probably wouldn't have had the nerve to do it had I not
found a gallon on sale for five bucks.
Hopefully it turns out looking as nice as Caroline Scheelers!
What do you think?
I know right? Country Living could me knocking on my door any day now!!!
I am so excited about this.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

one project down, 35 million to go

New goal: Before starting anything new, I am going to finish up all the projects I've already started.
So far it's working out pretty well. =0)

Haley needed some sort of shelving to put all of her worthless crap precious trinkets on.
One afternoon after dropping Haley off at her grandparents, I stopped in at Goodwill and found this for $4:

I had another picture somewhere that I took the day I brought it home but I can't find it...but this is after a coat of spray primer.
When I got it the paint was light beige and dingy looking.
I cleaned it, primed it, and then let it sit around for about 6 months.
I knew I wanted to do something to the back of the shelving but couldn't find a scrapbook paper that was a good color, and I didn't just want to paint the back of it either.

Then today I noticed some tissue paper in the office and realized it was just perfect.
(And by tissue paper I mean gift bag tissue paper! Not toilet paper or kleenex tissue!)
The color is Haley's favorite blue right now, and the pattern was just enough to pop but not too much to overpower all of the "valuables" that would be showcased there.
But it's tissue paper? Really?
Ok, I decided to give it a try.

So first, I painted everything a basic white color. Something I got awhile back in the oops section; $5 for the whole gallon!
After it dried I used a sponge brush to evenly apply Sobo glue to the back of the shelf, and laid the tissue paper on very carefully.
Because tissue paper is sensitive.
Especially when wet with glue.
Here it is drying.
I love it against the brown.

Then in Haley's room after I hung it.
I probably spent more time looking for all of the tools than actually working on anything.
Other new goal: Have set spot for most-used tools. =0)

All dry and lookin' fine. 
Since the tissue paper is so thin, it actually blends perfectly in with the painted wood, and almost looks like a stencil.
If you get up close though, there are a few spots where it wrinkled up a little.
Haley had fun accessorizing/accesorizing/exercising? it. =0)

All of her Webkinz. Except for the spotted dog.
That was mine way back in the day!

Here it is half done. She spent the whole night trying to get it just right.

The monster-ish thing is something she made in art with clay.
She did a really good job with it.
Meanwhile, Cooper enjoyed laying on Haley's freshly washed comforter when he knows darn well I am trying to make the bed.
I know he knows because he is avoiding all eye contact.

See. He won't look at me. 

Stubborn. Stubborn. Stubborn.

And 3 hours later. Except I managed to get the pillowcase on. =0)

Please check out all the parties I link to here.
Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Catalog living

Ever wonder who lives in the decor pictures we drool over in magazines like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Country Living?
No? Ok, well neither did I now that I think about it. =0)
But this lady did and writes a blog about it.  

Recognize her?
Yep, Sonic. No comment on the guy next to her.

Anyways, you can find it here.
Be prepared to laugh because some of them are just hilarious.
She is a comedian, after all.

Here's a few recent faves of mine:

Have fun!