Thursday, October 14, 2010

one project down, 35 million to go

New goal: Before starting anything new, I am going to finish up all the projects I've already started.
So far it's working out pretty well. =0)

Haley needed some sort of shelving to put all of her worthless crap precious trinkets on.
One afternoon after dropping Haley off at her grandparents, I stopped in at Goodwill and found this for $4:

I had another picture somewhere that I took the day I brought it home but I can't find it...but this is after a coat of spray primer.
When I got it the paint was light beige and dingy looking.
I cleaned it, primed it, and then let it sit around for about 6 months.
I knew I wanted to do something to the back of the shelving but couldn't find a scrapbook paper that was a good color, and I didn't just want to paint the back of it either.

Then today I noticed some tissue paper in the office and realized it was just perfect.
(And by tissue paper I mean gift bag tissue paper! Not toilet paper or kleenex tissue!)
The color is Haley's favorite blue right now, and the pattern was just enough to pop but not too much to overpower all of the "valuables" that would be showcased there.
But it's tissue paper? Really?
Ok, I decided to give it a try.

So first, I painted everything a basic white color. Something I got awhile back in the oops section; $5 for the whole gallon!
After it dried I used a sponge brush to evenly apply Sobo glue to the back of the shelf, and laid the tissue paper on very carefully.
Because tissue paper is sensitive.
Especially when wet with glue.
Here it is drying.
I love it against the brown.

Then in Haley's room after I hung it.
I probably spent more time looking for all of the tools than actually working on anything.
Other new goal: Have set spot for most-used tools. =0)

All dry and lookin' fine. 
Since the tissue paper is so thin, it actually blends perfectly in with the painted wood, and almost looks like a stencil.
If you get up close though, there are a few spots where it wrinkled up a little.
Haley had fun accessorizing/accesorizing/exercising? it. =0)

All of her Webkinz. Except for the spotted dog.
That was mine way back in the day!

Here it is half done. She spent the whole night trying to get it just right.

The monster-ish thing is something she made in art with clay.
She did a really good job with it.
Meanwhile, Cooper enjoyed laying on Haley's freshly washed comforter when he knows darn well I am trying to make the bed.
I know he knows because he is avoiding all eye contact.

See. He won't look at me. 

Stubborn. Stubborn. Stubborn.

And 3 hours later. Except I managed to get the pillowcase on. =0)

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Chrissie said...

The shelf looks wonderful. I love the paper on the back!

Jill said...

Great idea! And such a great post to link up to A Round Tuit! My girls definitely need something like this for their room - I just need to find the time.....
Love the tissue paper idea too - it worked out so well!

Hope you have a great week! Thanks for linking up!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Judy said...

Looks beautiful. I am now a follower. Come check out my blog, we have similar taste.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Looks great! Well worth the $4!

Michaela said...

This is such a great way to spice up the shelf (: Really cute pattern, too. I'm thinking of doing this to the shelves in my new TV stand. Also, your dog is adorable. I'm missing my golden retriever a lot lately, as I'm in interior design school in Seattle and my family lives in California! So thank you for the sweet pictures...sure is a cutie (:

Michelle L. said...

Hi, Stephanie! This turned out so great, I can't believe you got such a good result with tissue paper. You must be a sorceress of paper and glue. Cute puppy pictures, too!

sweet european dreams said...

tissue paper...nice. I would have never thought of that - now it's on my crafty list! Glad I found your blog today - this re-do is adorable! -diane

The DIY Show Off said...

What a beautiful job! I love the design and color! Thanks so much for linking your creativity to the DIY Project Parade, Stephanie! ;)


David & Kelsie's Country Home said...

Looks lovely...You are very brave to use tissue paper indeed.


Biljana said...

Great job,it looks so beautiful:))
Greetings from Europe, Biljana