Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One way to keep painting interesting

An elephant. (Duh.)

And we decided this is a pig/bull??   .........sneezing.

And Cooper!

Aw! What a sweetie he is. =0)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today was a big day for Haley. And me too, actually.
Because on this beautiful fall day, Haley learned to do this:

all by herself.

We practiced a little at a time for the past few weeks, and today, right away, everything clicked.
It was exciting and rewarding for both of us, because she would get super frustrated when she couldn't get the hang of it...
And I would have an aching back the next day from holding the back of her seat and trying to keep her 65 pound body from falling over either way.
But she did fall. Over and over again.
We managed to not have any bloody knees or elbows though.

We went to the park where there was plenty of sidewalk space and she went super fast, and I ran beside her.
I got a workout in and cheered her on.
I tried to work in a few life lessons about not giving up.
Thought of a few for myself also.
I am so proud of her. 
Daddy was proud too.
As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, she also lost her other front tooth.
She was hoping that it wouldn't come out until school tomorrow because then she will be "popular" that day.
She's only in second grade.
This is scary. =0)
When she talks it looks adorable though.
She wanted Cooper to see her missing tooth, but he was more interested in being on camera.
I love being a mom. =0)

Monday, September 13, 2010

The tale of two wreaths

Sorry I couldn't think of a better title, but at least it's obvious what this post is about, even if there really is no tale. =0)
After getting this magazine in the mail last week I got to work making a halloween wreath. And please forgive the photos...I think Haley was messing with my camera and smudged up the lens. I didn't notice it until I loaded these so hopefully I can clean it without scratching the would be a shame to have to get a shiny brand new camera now wouldn't it? A crying shame actually. ;o)

Wreath #1

All it takes is a Dollar Store foam wreath, crepe paper, and a hot glue gun. I had everything except for the black crepe paper.
The wreath in the magazine is a little crisper and formal looking; very cute, but this wreath is for Haley's door and I wanted it to be something we could both do together.
First I wrapped the entire wreath in one long strip of crepe paper so that any bare spots wouldn't be as noticeable.
Then, instead of folding each piece of crepe paper and pinning it like the instructions said, we just crumpled them up into flower-like shapes and hot glued the little bundles onto the wreath. I think it turned out ok. Plus if it gets smashed in the box while in storage it shouldn't be too hard to fluff it right back up.
It's not perfect, but it's cute enough right?!


Wreath #2
Last year I wanted a fall wreath very badly. But even at half-off they were either more than I wanted to spend, or smushed, or just plain hideous.

So this year I got a big Willow wreath from the Dollar Tree, and two fall leaf garlands from Hobby Lobby. The garlands were $5 each. I got two different kinds so that it wouldn't look too uniform.
I spray painted it black because that's the only dark spray paint I had, and then just wrapped the garland around the wreath. I didn't use any glue because I tucked in the ends into the branches on the wreath, and just worked with it until it looked how I wanted. It's big and fluffy, and it was only 11 bucks!

Well, it looks bigger AND fluffier in real life. Promise! I would not lie to you!

 I might tweak it a little bit...I'd like to add some cream in there somewhere.

Dang it for not looking fluffy on camera!!!

And now I kind of want to paint the door. It's looks so brown and boring! Maybe a shiny black? Or a grayish blue? Hmmm, something to think about.

Next up is the first sign I've ever painted! Hopefully I will write about that in the next few days.
Between working and everything that comes with having a family, I only have time to write once or twice a week. But as always, thanks for stopping by and taking time to read!

Have a great week!

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My husband thinks I'm crazy...

But I know I'm not. I already bought my Christmas craft magazine (ok maybe that is a little kooky...), and while in Kroger over the weekend I picked up this baby:

It has the cutest ideas! Haley and I did one of the projects already. I tweaked it a little bit and hopefully tomorrow I will upload my pics so you can see.
Eddie and I actually reached an agreement as far as fall decor is concerned.
Tradition will be that it doesn't go up until after Labor Day.
I can live with that.
Yay for compromise. =0)
My computer is slowing down...probably needs to be turned off for the first time in a week. Eddie is We are bad about that.
Don't want to lose this priceless piece of literary work so I will say goodbye for now.  =0)

Have a great week!