Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My husband thinks I'm crazy...

But I know I'm not. I already bought my Christmas craft magazine (ok maybe that is a little kooky...), and while in Kroger over the weekend I picked up this baby:

It has the cutest ideas! Haley and I did one of the projects already. I tweaked it a little bit and hopefully tomorrow I will upload my pics so you can see.
Eddie and I actually reached an agreement as far as fall decor is concerned.
Tradition will be that it doesn't go up until after Labor Day.
I can live with that.
Yay for compromise. =0)
My computer is slowing down...probably needs to be turned off for the first time in a week. Eddie is We are bad about that.
Don't want to lose this priceless piece of literary work so I will say goodbye for now.  =0)

Have a great week!

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