Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today was a big day for Haley. And me too, actually.
Because on this beautiful fall day, Haley learned to do this:

all by herself.

We practiced a little at a time for the past few weeks, and today, right away, everything clicked.
It was exciting and rewarding for both of us, because she would get super frustrated when she couldn't get the hang of it...
And I would have an aching back the next day from holding the back of her seat and trying to keep her 65 pound body from falling over either way.
But she did fall. Over and over again.
We managed to not have any bloody knees or elbows though.

We went to the park where there was plenty of sidewalk space and she went super fast, and I ran beside her.
I got a workout in and cheered her on.
I tried to work in a few life lessons about not giving up.
Thought of a few for myself also.
I am so proud of her. 
Daddy was proud too.
As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, she also lost her other front tooth.
She was hoping that it wouldn't come out until school tomorrow because then she will be "popular" that day.
She's only in second grade.
This is scary. =0)
When she talks it looks adorable though.
She wanted Cooper to see her missing tooth, but he was more interested in being on camera.
I love being a mom. =0)

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