Sunday, January 9, 2011

you never know

It’s snowing.
I didn’t think we’d get any this year but we did.
She went out right when it started.
Dad’s at work but I eventually joined her about thirty minutes later.
We stayed out until it looked like this.
Who would have thought!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

no two are alike

Happy New Year everyone!! Can you believe it’s 2011?
Last year seemed to fly, but don’t they all once we grow up? It’s like a vacation.
It takes forever to get there because you are so excited, but the trip home flies by.

Haley wants to be a grown up, she talks about it more and more.
Wants a job, to get married. I remember doing the same thing.
Wishing away precious time. 
 Now if only it would slow down.
I was going through my pictures from 2010 and thought I’d relive some of my favorites here.
Hope you don’t mind. =0)

We started the year with a pretty amazing snow.
Don’t think we’re getting any this year, but I guess anything's possible!!DSC01987
She got up again and again, sometimes with a skinned knee, and sometimes with tears in her eyes,
but Haley eventually learned how to do this: 


We attempted to do a “Cookie of the week”,
but were turning into fatties at an alarming rate, so quit after a few months...

But it was fun while it lasted.
And boy did it last. =0)

Haley went on a boat for the first time, and went swimming in the lake.
I can't believe she'd never gone before.
Where did the time go?
(Thank you Kristy for taking us!!)

We laughed,
and I cried (but I'm not showing a picture of that!),
when I turned 30.

On Halloween we met the Big Bad Wolf from “Little Red Riding Hood”. 
Doesn't he looks just like he did in the books?
 My husband and I started to look alike...
Or at least I think so in that picture at least.
I held Haley’s hand while she got her ears pierced for her birthday…
and we pondered life’s deepest questions.
And this guy slept the year away.
Isn't he the sweetest thing?
I just want to squeeze his face.
Lovingly, of course. =0)

This past year I also started blogging! It's been a lot of fun getting to know the technical side of things,
and having people to share my creativity with.
Blogland is better than a magazine isn't it?
It's free, and each day there is new inspiration everywhere!
Plus there are so many women who can share their hearts much better than I can, so that, 
coupled with all the beautiful pictures, really makes for a great place to soothe a tired soul at the end of a long day.

I plan to post my New Year resolutions later this week.
That'll be fun.
Thanks for reading!!
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After going to her page I'm not sure if I did ten moments or not though...oops!!!!