Sunday, January 9, 2011

you never know

It’s snowing.
I didn’t think we’d get any this year but we did.
She went out right when it started.
Dad’s at work but I eventually joined her about thirty minutes later.
We stayed out until it looked like this.
Who would have thought!!


FairfieldHouse said...


Not sure where you are but I can send your pretty little daughter some snow if its disappeared around you. We've been hit hard this winter in NJ!


Anonymous said...

hi Stephanie! It's nice to meet you. I'm a few miles just north of Galveston, but close enough for an easy commute. I think where you are is close to Dallas maybe? Yep, if I didn't eat dairy products, I'd be totally vegan. I'm going to go read your blog and get to know more about you. hugs, Beth