Sunday, July 22, 2012

I love my girl

I'm waaaaay behind on blogging but that's ok right?!?!?! I knew I'd be back....eventually. =0)
The break did some good though b/c while I was away it looks like the entire posting
format has changed.

It's a million times easier to upload pics now.

 So I can't be to blame for loading way too many pics of Mother's Day.
It's just so easy!

I can't stop myself. =0)
We celebrated Mother's Day the whole weekend, starting off Saturday by waking up early
to go to Starbucks then Watter's Creek and duck watch.

You know...before the throngs of shoppers and diners scared them all away haha.
It really was fun. We climbed over a bunch
of rocks before we saw a sign saying not to climb the rocks.
At 11 once the stores opened we went to Anthropologie and Haley found
this cute pillow she thought would be a fun costume.
It was only $180 so, you know, we did not get it.

This was the last pic I got b/c Haley only smiles for the camera for so long until
she's over it. =0)
So I put the camera away for the day.

But Sunday I busted it back out again for our second duck watching adventure in Twin Creeks.
We actually just randomly stopped here to eat ice cream cones
and ended up having a really good time.

More duck momma and babies.

 The men went off on their own for some guy time. :)
The sun was going down and it was just so pretty. I should
get out more at sunset and take pics.

It gets miserably, terribly, unbearably hot during the summer
so we have to enjoy these times outdoors as much as possible before June heat hits.
From June through July we pretty much stay inside, under the fans or with our faces in the freezer door, only coming outside to go to the pool.

 Sleeping ducks. They weren't at all afraid of us.

 We fed them bread. Whole wheat of course. =0)
Sweet little duckies.
Me and Haley love animals. To death. We love talking for them and thinking out
loud for them. =0)

 Eddie was working so we went out for lunch on Monday afternoon to the Cheesecake
Factory in Watters Creek with him.
Funky white fish in the water...

 Looking for the funky white fish again.
 My sweet beautiful girl.
Truly she is the best gift I've ever been given.

 More pretty pictures...

Cannot believe she is nine years old.
Time is just flying by.

This blog is probably going to be more of a lifestyle blog/journal now.
I'll still post decorating pics and ideas and projects, but also family stuff
and just whatever my little heart desires. =0)

Have a great week!!

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