Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh happy day...

Wanted to show you my finds at Goodwill today. It's always hit or miss so I don't expect much when I go in. Today the horribly wretched stench smell about bowled me over. After a few minutes I didn't notice it anymore thank God, and I was able to really dig deep for some goodies. I was going to save the best for last but let's just get right down to it. My score of the day was that vintage style Big Ben alarm clock. Since they range from $15 to $60, I thought this was a steal at only..................drumroll please......................97 cents!! Oh YEAH!! I have to give Haley all the credit for finding it.

The sticky stuff has already been removed and it is in pristine condition! Pristine I tell you!!!

Also got a wooden toolbox which I've been wanting for forever, a galvanized bucket, miniature wall shelf, and a picture frame.
I had Haley hold up the shelf since it was hiding behind the other stuff. I will show you what I plan on doing with it soon. First I have to paint my bathroom though! 
My grand total was $7.38.
Can't beat that!! Plus I have an excuse to buy more spray paint! 
Have a great week!

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Mrs.B said...

Well, what could be better than a reason to buy more spray paint? lol
Looks like you had a good trip to GW! Mine had a broken air conditioner this week. I didn't stay long b/c it was about time to close...thank God for me! If not, I probably would've looked & looked til I dropped over due to heat exhaustion! ;) I do LOVE Goodwill!