Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bathroom shelf

Remember those Goodwill finds I posted about? I know, I know of course you do. It was my last post less than a week ago. Or maybe slightly over a week ago. I've been extremely lazy  busy! What? You think I haven't been busy? Do you think I lay around every night after work and drink Diet Pepsi and watch episode after episode of Ice Road Truckers and make Haley fix her own dinner?? Okay well yes, every once in a while I do watch too much tv after work. But to be fair I actually poured her that cereal myself so lay off!! =0)

Anways so now that all of you are done giving me attitude and judging me, (wink, wink!), I want to show you what I did with that shelf I got last week at Goodwill. I had planned on not doing anything with it until I painted my bathroom, but every time I walked into the office/craft room/junk room/scary disorganized mess room I kept really wanting to see it painted, on the wall and accessorized.

This picture is the best before pic I have of it. Please ignore the cute girl holding it as this post is not about her. Focus people!

And the after!

Look how pretty. I just love it. It's the perfect place for my Q-tips and cotton balls.

And whichever lotion I am currently using at the moment. Ironically, this lotion matches the beachy theme going on here. I got that tile at JoAnn's for like, 4 bucks, regular $15. It's super heavy too.
I plan on painting the bathroom a grayish color. I can't wait to do it either, because I know that I all I have to do is slap some gray paint on the wall and my bathroom will magically be transformed into these.

photo source: unknown
Don't you just love that? Oh my gosh I would die. I would never leave. Not even to pour Haley's cereal.

photo source: unknown
I love this one too. I don't know if I could actually get that effect on the wall though. But I love it. So very much.

Have a great week!

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