Friday, March 4, 2011

It's llama time!! and a few other things...

Even though it's a little cooky I'm really loving my friday llama.
Yesterday I even got excited about looking for a picture to post.
Here he is.
Cute and fat.
Are you loving him?
Me too!!
Also loving all that green grass.
Whenever Haley and I think of what to name them we always come up with "Fatty, Chubster, Sir chucks-a-lot"...and I can't remember the others.
Aren't those names flattering? lol!
My allergies haven't been bothering me TOO, too much yet, so hopefully it will be a nice
pleasant Spring that I can actually look forward
to and enjoy.
I'm hoping to plant some of these in cream, white, and pink.
Love that aged fence...looks just like mine.

When we moved in Eddie thought we might stain it but I convinced him we shouldn't.
I'm so glad he lets me make all the design decisions. =0)
(Not getting very far on convincing him we should paint our kitchen cabinets though.)
This week I've started painting our master bathroom.
Love the color so much I want to stay in there all day and just stare at it.
Pictures coming soon. Promise.
Yesterday I went to Goodwill while Haley was at her grandparents,
and scored some pretty cute stuff~
or at least it will be after a few cans of spray paint!
I'll show you when I get around to it..hopefully tonight! lol!

Have a great weekend!

psst!! This morning didn't start off very well for Haley since apparently the
Tooth Fairy forgot to pay her a visit...
I think he/she fell asleep while watching CSI and waiting for Haley to fall asleep.
Parents-of-the-year award??
Probably not this time around.

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