Tuesday, December 7, 2010

trying it out

So I am trying to figure out how Windows Live Writer works since that was recommended to me by another fabulous blogger.
Last night I was about to go crazy trying load pictures in Blogger because they wouldn’t rotate.
Seems easy enough.
Actually I already like it better!
Pictures are easier to upload as well.
This is the window above our kitchen sink.  
This is my big round Christmas penguin.
I love to decorate with fat penguins, round snowmen, and moose at Christmas.
Only problem is moose are hard to find.
Why is that? I bet they will make a comeback soon though.
Have you noticed that the woodsy look is popular this Christmas?
Here is my big fat fluffy snowman.
I wish he could sit on the couch, but Cooper would tear him to pieces in a heartbeat.
Ok, well that was my trial post in Windows Live Writer.
And I love it.
Thanks Maureen!!
And thank YOU for reading!

1 comment:

Ashlyn said...

I love your fat penguin, soooooo cute!! :)